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San Jose's New Kid on the Block Beat Google at Their Own Game


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2016 --San Jose's new kids on the block in the app world have developed a new application ( that allows Vietnamese who live in California to search Vietnamese businesses and services near them fast. Migrate from Melbourne Australia Mike Huynh found it is extremely hard to find local Vietnamese businesses online. He used his spare time to successfully develop applications providing information about local Vietnamese businesses that is more accurate and efficient than Google itself.

"Searches for local Vietnamese businesses on Google are never accurate and this is due to the fact that most local Vietnamese businesses don't promote their products or services online. Instead most will promote their business using traditional local Vietnamese newspaper" said Mike Huynh, founder of

Mike continued: "Where Google failed the local community, we have succeeded. That is how we beat Google at there own game. Our applications do not sort businesses based on keywords or keyword optimisation, they are listed purely on the basis of their proximity to the user of the app."

Throughout the world, the use of mobile devices is on the increase with 7.19 billion mobile devices being used, and with that comes the increase in demand for mobile-based services. People are now using their mobile phones to look up anything and everything they can think of. This, in turn, creates a ripple effect on websites by increasing their traffic and the demand for mobile applications providing such information. aims to fill the demand for local information needed by mobile device users. The app aims to provide information in an efficient and accurate manner so that users of the app can save on time.

The majority of mobile users are using their apps to obtain directions and find out information on local businesses such as addresses, phone numbers, and business hours. This is also the case for PC and tablet users. The owner of GanToi App says "Small to medium sized businesses make most of their income from local customers. Why should they pay thousands of dollars on marketing their business to rest of the world if their business is only accessible to those who live locally? Having recognised a gap in the way that local businesses need to promote themselves, GanToi App aims to fill the void and meet demands for access to such information."

Research has found that approximately 77% of those who conducted a search for a local business on either their mobile phone or tablet then went on to make a purchase from the business either online, in-store or over the phone. This is in comparison to 59% of users who conducted the search on their PC following through.

All interested local Vietnamese business owners who would like to be listed for free should get in touch with The listing will be free of charge however there is a very small annual administrative and support fee which goes towards keeping the app and the website up and running. The next app launch is due for Vietnam and Europe.

For further information about Gan Toi App, please visit their website Contact details are provided on the app should people need to request any further information.

About GanToi App
GanToi App was formed by an ordinary guy from Melbourne migrating to California who had a bit of spare time on his hands. At present, he is working on other apps of a similar nature which will be released in the near future.