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Sandia Hearing Aid Center in Colorado Springs Launches Innovative Website

The website provides an easy to use online hearing test that anyone can use. The website has been updated to the latest standards and combines content from the old King Sandia website and the website of Summit Hearing Centers, which King Sandia recently purchased.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2016 --Sandia Hearing, a premier hearing aid center serving the people of Colorado Springs, has recently announced the launch of a new website. King Hearing operates in conjunction with Sandia Hearing to help Pueblo residents with hearing needs.

Sandia Hearing Center recently acquired Summit Hearing Centers in Colorado Springs; the websites of both companies have now been combined. Sandia Hearing Aid Center is pleased to be the best choice for hearing aids and hearing tests in Colorado Springs.

Created to be a highly educational and informative resource, the new site enables hearing loss victims to gain insight into how to regain hearing, understand what they need to consider when making the decision to hire a hearing aid specialist, and contact King or Sandia personally for help.

Jed Bradshaw, a representative of the company, stated "Hearing loss typically develops gradually. You may not notice the absence of subtle everyday sounds such as a ticking clock. But before you know it, you could be missing sounds that are critical to communication."

Not only does the new Sandia Hearing Aid Center website include information and advice about how to pick a hearing aids, but it also gives patients vital information about what to do if they suspect that they have hearing loss. For example, it's important that they take the online hearing evaluation, consult an expert on hearing loss, and monitor their hearing health regularly. The site also has easy to use information about 9 steps to better hearing, that can help you to hear clearly.

As Bradshaw goes on to say, "Most people typically disregard their hearing loss for five to seven years. This is a bad decision. Putting off the inevitable will just make it harder to rectify the problem. Your brain gets used to not hearing everyday sounds; the longer you live without these sounds, the longer it may take for the brain to understand them again. Regular hearing aid use can help maintain your brain's ability to interpret sounds."

About Sandia Hearing Aid Center
Sandia Hearing Aids has been serving Colorado Springs since 1959.

The first step to addressing hearing loss is to visit a hearing healthcare professional who you feel comfortable with and you feel is right for you. We focus on serving Colorado Springs and Pueblo with the best technology and quality of care available. We are driven by our patient's hearing needs and strive to provide the very best overall experience for all patients. Our hearing healthcare professionals are trained experts in hearing testing, diagnosis, and treatment.