SANDMARC Releases New iPhone Camera Filters to Help Users Take Stunning Photographs


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2017 --The SANDMARC mobile camera accessory brand is bringing its high-quality photographic products to the iPhone. As convenient as the iPhone camera is for users, it lacks the full capabilities of DSLR cameras. With the new filters from SANDMARC, the iPhone can come just a bit closer.

DSLR cameras and traditional film cameras have long used filters as a way to clarify and enhance the images they capture. The effects of these filters are not easy to replicate digitally in editing after the photo has been taken; it is far better to use a filter when taking the photo to achieve the desired effect.

SANDMARC's new filters for the iPhone camera aim to bring high-quality, professional filtering capabilities to the iPhone for anyone to be able to use. The two new products are the Drama Filter and the Scape Filter set.

The Drama Filter is a polarizer filter. It is designed to reduce glare, making skies look bluer and clouds whiter. It produces greater depth in photographs so that the colors really pop and look more realistic instead of flat.

The Scape Filter set is a package of three neutral density filters that reduce light intensity, allowing users to take photos with slower shutter speeds. This makes it easier to create blur effects and to achieve lower exposure in bright light settings.

SANDMARC's filters use high-quality materials to create products that can truly enhance the image quality produced by iPhone cameras. Rather than using generic plastic, like other iPhone filters, the SANDMARC filters are made from industrial-grade, multi-coated glass. The filter frames are made from aluminum for lightweight durability.

The filters are designed to work with every iPhone model since the iPhone 4. Attachments will also be available to allow the filters to accommodate the Samsung S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Google Pixel and LG G6.

SANDMARC has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help bring these new filters to market. The campaign has a funding goal of $100,000, which it must reach by August 5.

SANDMARC® is an action gear brand designing premium accessories for GoPro cameras, DJI drones and now iPhone. Founded in 2013 in San Diego, California, SANDMARC is sold worldwide with a growing 200K+ followers on social media. SANDMARC products have been featured on CNET, Product Hunt, Men's Journal, Gear Junkie and more.