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Santa & Sigrid Combine to Give Hunger a Wolliping

One dollar from the sale of each Wollip premium travel neck pillow will be donated to the Children’s Hunger Fund from now until the end of the year.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2016 --If ever there was a gift that is absolutely perfect for the holidays it is The Wollip and now the perfect gift just got better. This holiday season every purchaser gets to help out someone less fortunate as well as giving a truly practical and thoughtful gift. It will be the gift that keeps on giving as one dollar from the sale of every travel neck pillow will be donated to the Children's Hunger Fund.

The Wollip is the custom crafted premium travel neck pillow that offers support without parallel in the travel industry. The only dilemma that a gift-giver is going to face this holiday season is whether or not to actually give it as a gift or keep it.

The Wollip was specifically designed to address shortcomings in the travel support industry. It is packed with subtle changes and additions that all add up to big benefits for the user. Firstly, there is the composite, a high-density thermosensitive foam that contours around the neck. The foam has memory, so it offers the wearer support every time and is designed to provide years and years of comfort. Further, it is encased in an entirely washable velboa that simply zips on and off to provide maximum ease in cleaning.

Any traveler will appreciate the solidly sewn wide elastic strap designed to withstand vigorous traveling when rushing flat out to a departure gate. It keeps the premium travel neck pillow firmly attached to carry-on even with the luggage jousting and jostling that often goes in crowded airports during holidays.

The Founder of The Wollip, Sigrid McNab, is a full-time entrepreneur and internet marketer. As her job is location independent, Sigrid often finds herself traveling with her family. She has first-hand experience using inferior travel pillows and was inspired to create The Wollip Premium Travel Neck Pillow in direct response to the inadequacy of poorly designed travel pillows that are uncomfortable or difficult to use.

"We are passionate about traveling in comfort." explains Sigrid McNab. "Other travel pillows that I and others had previously used were uncomfortable to use, difficult or impossible to wash, had no elastic strap and did not provide proper neck support. When we designed The Wollip, we took all of these factors into consideration. By using our premium travel pillow, you will be comfortable, supported and arrive feeling refreshed."

The Wollip Premium Travel Neck Pillow was designed to work in all types of travel situations whether traveling by train, plane or automobile. The high-quality thermosensitive memory foam unique to The Wollip is essential in helping to maintain proper head and neck alignment. It is flexible, yet supportive, and molds to the shape of each individual neck helping to support the head in a natural position. The enhanced profile is wider, longer and higher to provide maximum comfort and support even on very long trips.

In fact, The Wollip does its job so well, one will seriously consider giving it as a pre-Christmas gift to anyone that is going to have to travel over the holidays. Don't be surprised to see Saint Nick himself with the Wollip around his neck on his circumpolar flight.

The Wollip Premium Travel Neck Pillow is currently available for purchase exclusively on Amazon, where customers are provided with a lifetime guarantee. To find out more information about Sigrid McNab and her new travel pillow, visit directly.

About The Wollip
The Wollip travel brand was initially designed and created by a group of enthusiastic travelers that wanted to address and eliminate some of the challenges and discomforts faced by travelers all around the world today. To that end, The Wollip travel brand is committed to making travel a comfortable and rewarding experience for everyone regardless of their mode of transport.


Sigrid McNab
Founder and CEO