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Santanna Energy Services Welcome More Employee Owners


Bolingbrook, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2020 --Santanna Energy is not only proud of their customers but also their Employee Owners! Santanna Energy is 100% Employee owned for over 32 years. At Santanna, they make sure that the employees are showcased and appreciate. Read below on a few words from their employees on what being an "Employee Owner" means to them:

Darmella Richardson – Sales and Operations Analyst
"As an Employee Owner, you are invested in the company and in it's success. You care about the company, which motivates you to work even harder. As an Employee Owner, you have peace of mind knowing that you have something that will benefit you at retirement".

Joyeeta Banerjee – Human Resources Supervisor (3 years, 2 months)
"I feel immense pride in being an employee owner - A culture where my opinions and ideas, along with my fellow employee owners, are welcomed. I feel a heightened sense of investment and commitment towards my work, when I know it is contributing to the success of the Company, I own. To me, it is a culture of belonging".

Tara Soderstrom – Marketing Supervisor (1 year, 6 months)
"Being an Employee Owner offers the opportunity to add a more personalized approach in how I view the company, other employee owners, current and past customers. It allows me to offer suggestions, views and opportunities in my department and in the company as a whole. It affords the opportunity to grow and become more involved as a whole perspective in culture and growth. I feel I have better relationships with everyone as we all integrate the same way, knowing we are being heard and cared for".

Jim Roberts – Software Developer (5 years)
"In the past, I have been both an employee and an owner. I have never been an employee-owner before. To me, being an employee-owner feels similar to being a regular employee with stock options. You work hard today with the hope that it turns into value in the future".

Matthew Spillman – Project Manager (1 year)
"What does being an Employee Owner mean to you: Employee ownership compels us to be growth-driven. It means keeping a laser focus on delivering value to our customers and driving results for the business".

Thad Williams – IT Supervisor (11 years)
"Over my career, I've been an owner, an employee, and now an employee owner. As an owner, I was personally concerned with the well-being of the enterprise, not just my paycheck. As an employee, my concern for the company was primarily viewed through the lens of my welfare as opposed to the health of the company. As an employee owner, my concern for the company's future runs deeper and feels closer to owning a business than being employed by one.

The combination of the new open-book management and employee ownership has helped shift my focus from my team to the company as a whole. I feel empowered to seek answers and ask questions of leadership regarding the company's health, initiatives, and direction.

In summary, being an employee owner at Santanna means a deeper connection to the enterprise. I feel a personal sense of accomplishment when Santanna succeeds and a sense of urgency when Santanna is falling behind".

Santanna Energy Should Be Their Energy Choice!
At Santanna Energy Services, they are constantly working on new products and plans to fit everyone's lifestyle needs! Over the next many years to come, Santanna Energy plans to remain committed to the success of its employees, customers, and community. Once they switch over to Santanna Energy, they join a family.

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Santanna Energy Services located in Austin, TX and Bolingbrook IL, is a Natural Gas and Electricity Provider for Residential, Commercial, Business and more. Founded in 1988 and have been in business for 32 years and growing!