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Satch & Fable Announces Exciting Launch of Premium Quality All Ethically Made Italian Handcrafted Leather Bag Line

Men and women who appreciate expertly crafted leather bags have a good reason to rejoice. Brooklyn-based Satch & Fable have recently announced the launch of their completely Made in Italy handcrafted Italian leather bag line, offering a return to a remarkable tradition of superior Italian craftsmanship.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2016 --When it comes to fashion and functional fashion accessories, no country's reputation stands as strong as Italy's. Unfortunately, in recent years many brands have opted for less quality craftsmanship even on Italian soil. Satch & Fable are a new company who are bucking that trend, recently debuting their remarkable new line of all-Italian handmade leather bags, completely ethically crafted by skilled Italian craft men and women of unmatched expertise in their art. No surprise, the new brand, which is based out of Brooklyn, New York has been greeted by fashion enthusiasts with open arms.

"We believe in doings things in an older and better way, to revive the Italian way of making things and this is all clear in our line of handmade leather bags," commented Fabrizio, chief designer of Satch & Fable. "Designed in Brooklyn. Made in Italy by Italians. US customer service. Come see the big difference first hand."

According to Satch & Fable, every bag they offer is Italian handmade from start to finish in Italy and not in Chinese owned and operated factories, a big secret of many fashion brands and an explanation, some believe, for the declining quality much of the fashion pieces and accessories coming from the country. Satch & Fable's vision of re-empowering the native Italian craftspeople, well known for their skill, is certainly an infectious one.

Some highlights of the debut line of Satch & Fable handmade Italian leather bags include: an authentic Italian handmade Leather Briefcase in black or brown; a very luxurious authentic Italian handmade Leather Duffel Carry On Bag; and an authentic Made in Italy Leather Tote Bag, to name just a few. All are made to the highest quality standards, where both look and function are vitally important and close attention is paid to even the smallest of details before a bag is approved for sale.

The importance of true Italian leather to Satch & Fable can't be overstated. Broadly regarded as among the best quality leather in the world, the Satch & Fable team handpick the right hides to make their luxurious bags in a painstaking process that brings them to tanneries in the Italian cities of Naples, Benevento, and Marche, all legendary places for tanning procedures.

Early feedback from shoppers has been quite passionate for the new designer bag brand.

Chris C., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, "I told myself I was going to finally upgrade from my old messenger bag I have been using for years and get something a lot more stylish and appropriate for where I'm working these days. A friend suggested I check out Satch & Fable and I'm very glad he did. The bag looked amazing and the back story was something I could really get behind so I ordered online. I couldn't be more pleased. Completely in-style, but fully functional too. I literally get compliments on it every day. Fully recommended."

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Fabrizio Giuliani