Satisfy Your Evening Hunger with All the Curries

In this work-oriented society it is important to have a comforting meal to come home to in order to round out the day. Here to help is an authentic Indian cuisine subscription: All the Curries.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2016 --The hustle and bustle of the modern world is simply too fast for the common working man to manage gathering all of the day's necessities. As a result, a new style of product has taken off: subscription-based shipping. For the tinkerers there is Maker Box, for the gamers there is Loot Crate, now there is All the Curries for food lovers. The creators of All the Curries realized that there are few better feelings than coming home after a long day at work and not having to worry about where the next meal comes from. In turn, All The Curries supplies a collection of ready-to-cook meals periodically, ensuring authentic Indian cuisine is just an arm's reach away.

This method of food collection is far less taxing than having to drive to the supermarket where ingredients may not be fresh or traveling to take-out restaurants which are often a tiresome drive away. Aside from simply the convenience of the All the Curries subscription stands the quality of the ingredients provided. The box is put together with the utmost care, incorporating only the freshest ingredients. Every ingredient satisfies both halal and kosher requirements and is locally sourced. Additionally, All The Curries has placed a focus on authenticity as it is designed by a group of Indian guys passionate about authentic Indian cuisine. The group realized that the vast majority, ninety percent by some calculations, of Indian restaurants serve only heavily americanized versions of Indian plates. Its ridiculously difficult to find truly traditional, flavorful, and healthy Indian cuisine. To remedy this issue the group of foodies has made it their mission to bring authenticity back to Indian cuisine.

As a side benefit, the food brought by the All the Curries subscription is completely customizable. Clients can select from vegetarian, meat, and seafood options in addition to the decision of whether to order tandoori naan bread, paratha bread, or basmati rice. In addition to the customizability of the protein and carb sources, clients can adjust the curry according to their spiciness preference, allowing everyone to enjoy an authentic, custom-made, Indian meal. Sadly, starting a service like this one takes an abundance of capital. To solve this financial issue, the All The Curries team has launched a crowdfunding campaign. On the campaign page, donors can either donate out of sheer support or pre-order a meal for when the service goes live. With the support of readers, All The Curries hopes to have a debt-free running start on their path of providing real, fresh curry to everyone.

To support or learn more about All the Curries visit the Kickstarter campaign page.