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Save Millions: Avoid Costly HR Mistakes

Sexual harassment, workplace violence, discrimination, etc., can quickly lead to HR mistakes; which can lead to employers suffering from massive lawsuits. This book, 101 Costly HR Mistakes…and How to Fix Them, is a must read for every manager in the workplace; as it is every manager’s job to protect the organization, as well as help avoid costly HR mistakes.


Flint, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/20/2017 --Sexual harassment, workplace violence, discriminatory practices, retaliatory actions, inconsistent processes, bad practices, etc., can quickly become HR mistakes, which can lead to employers suffering from massive lawsuits; as well as costly non-compliance penalties and fines. Nelson wrote her book due to concerns regarding the related rise in workplace lawsuits, which increased 2000% since 1995, with the average lawsuit settlement being $250,000 (not including lawyer fees), which could cost in excess of $1 MILLION, if the case goes to trial.

Nelson felt it was crucial that employers become knowledgeable regarding costly HR mistakes in order to protect their organizations from risk. "My goal has always been to protect organizations from expensive litigation and costly compliance fees and penalties," stated Nelson. "After consulting with thousands of employers, I noted patterns of costly HR mistakes which often led to litigation and expensive compliance fines and penalties." Nelson further stated, "Most employers do not intentionally violate regulations; typically employers make mistakes without knowing of the missteps. Those mistakes, in many instances, damaged companies' reputations, negatively affected bottom lines, caused low morale, triggered turnover, and resulted in reduced productivity. That's why I wrote this book." Throughout her work as an HR Expert, Nelson believes she has helped create multiple great teams and saved her clients millions of dollars.

Nelson's new book, 101 COSTLY HR Mistakes…and How to Fix Them! cites real life scenarios and is available for purchase on her website: or on