SaveCal Introduces Green Methods to Help People Save Money on Their Electricity Bill

SaveCal, a company based in California, is focused on helping people save electricity, while saving the planet. They offer top notch services involving Cool Wall and Cool Roof Systems.


Sun Valley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2016 --"Going Green" is more than just a hot new trend that people, including celebrities like Leonard DiCaprio, Morgan Freeman, and Rosario Dawson are starting to take advantage of. Many individuals and companies are going "green" in order to protect the earth's natural resources, and to help save money. They are turning to more eco-friendly practices in order to be more environmentally responsible.

Research has indicated that people feel others should be doing more in order to protect their environment, and they are attracted to businesses that can meet those expectation. One business that is working around the clock in order to help people "go green" is SaveCal. SaveCal is currently serving people in the area of Sun Valley, California.

SaveCal is one of the most reliable companies in the energy efficient industry – they have been up and running since 1997. They are a well-established business that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Each one of their technicians is highly trained and has passed a criminal background check.

Despite it all, SaveCal is helping the state of California stay green by offering their services. Their services include: Cool Roof, Cool Wall, installing solar panels, installing proper windows, and installing energy efficient air conditioning systems.

Below, readers can find an outline of some of the key services SaveCal is offering:

Cool Roof

With Cool Roof, they state that you can reflect up to 88% of the sun's heat. With a Cool Roof, individuals can reduce their energy costs as it has been designed to absorb less heat than the traditional roofs. It works to decrease air conditioning needs, which in return, will reduce energy costs.

The benefits of having a Cool Roof include:

- Increased property value
- Extend the life of the air conditioning unit
- Extend the life of the existing roof
- Reflects UV Rays, which is the number one destroyer of roofs

Cool Wall

SaveCal states "Cooler surface temperatures provide a lower interior temperature." SaveCal offered a wide variety of colors to choose from and the protective coating is much thicker than latex paint, which replaces the need for constant repainting.

Take a look at some of the benefits of Cool Wall:

- Class A Fire Rating
- Ultraviolet Solar Reflectivity
- Never Flake, Peel or Chip
- High Breathability

"By using Cool Wall, the surface temperature of a house can be reduced by up to 40% and in return, this will reduce the cooling cost by up to 21.9%."

SaveCal is fully focused on helping the state of California stay green, cool, and help lower the electricity consumption because not only do they care about their clients, they also care about the planet. They love the fact that what they are doing today is going to have a positive impact on their future generations by reducing carbon foot print.

This company is able to help every one of their clients lower their electric bill, and stay cool at the same time.

About SaveCal
SaveCal is fully focused on helping the environment in the state of California. They offer a wide range of services, involving Cool Wall, Cool Woof, solar panels and more, in order to help their clients, lower their electricity bill, while saving the planet all at the same time.

Zip Code: 91352
Country: USA
State: California
Phone Number: 310-237-6077