Saving For College LLC Poll Reveals That a 4-Year College Degree Is Still Worth It

An online poll released by college savings website showed that 69% of respondents see value in achieving a 4-year college degree, despite rising college costs and increasing student debt.


Pittsford, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2013 --Many families faced with the burden of increasing college costs and sizable student loans still feel a 4-year college degree is worth the time and money necessary to achieve it, according to an online poll at, the leading independent resource and authority on 529 plans.

When visitors to college-savings plan website were asked to consider a 4-year degree that costs $100,000 (including loans), 69% expressed confidence there would be net value in the degree.

- 39% of those surveyed indicated that a degree is probably worth the time and money required, as it increases one’s chances of securing a good job.
- 30% responded that a degree is “most definitely” worth it, whether or not it leads directly to a job.
- 23% responded that a degree is not worth it, as the time and money could be better spent elsewhere.

“As college costs continue to rise and student debt becomes more of a problem, the debate surrounding the value of a degree is intensifying,” said Joseph Hurley, founder of “Any shift in families’ opinions will significantly impact the future of higher education in America.” encourages familes to utilize tax-efficient strategies, including 529 plans, to prepare financially for college and reduce debt burdens. The website provides unbiased information to families and financial professionals, including details on every 529 plan along with comparison tools and reports.

Online poll results are based on responses received from 330 website visitors through June 17, 2013.