Savings Income of the DOT on the Top Exchange Is Safe and Stable


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2020 --On July 20, the mainstream cryptocurrency exchange launched the popular currency DOT. The users were enthusiastic, and within a few minutes, the DOT was sold out. With this wave of high investment enthusiasm and the recent sharp appreciation of many mainstream cryptocurrencies, the price of DOT has also been soaring in just a few days, from the initial 920QC to the current 1700QC, an increase of 84%.

After experiencing this period of increase, the increase in the price of DOT currency tended to be flat, maintaining between 1600QC and 1800QC. Many investors have missed this investment opportunity and entered the market too slowly. They complained about why they did not rise after buying coins, and they had to wait for the next wave of rising.

But in fact, the author thinks this is not a pity. As long as the various financial services launched by are used flexibly, this "pity" can create more benefits for future investment opportunities.

Savings, as the main financial product of, naturally added DOT investment options. Savings of provides users with a low-threshold, easy-to-operate and high-yield financial management tool.

Let us take the popular currency DOT mentioned above as an example.

We first log in to our account on the official website, and after returning to the main page, hover the mouse over the word "Investment" above, and then click "Savings" in the subordinate secondary menu to enter the's Savings interface. The operation interface of's Savings is very simple, "My Deposit (DOT)", "Yesterday's income (DOT)", "Total Revenue (DOT)", "Investment record" and other information are clear at a glance. At this time, we only need to click the "Deposit" button, enter the number of DOTs that need to be deposited in the pop-up window and then click "Deposit". After the verification is completed, it is successful.

As the only platform in mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges that supports DOT financial management, the benefits provided by's Savings are also very impressive. According to the data on the official website, the current 7-day annualized income of DOT is 7.8426%, which means that if you deposit 100 DOT, you can get more than 7.8 DOT after one year. The price after conversion according to the current currency price is 13260 QC, which is only the current price. If the price of DOT currency rises rapidly in the future, then the additional and free DOT generated by's Savings will also be very profitable.

And there is no need to worry that you will miss the next uptrend due to the terms of Savings, Savings can be deposited and withdrawn at any time. The process of deposit DOT in and withdrawal it out is very smooth, simple and fast. After the author personally tested, the processing speed of deposit and withdrawal is very fast.

Many people worry about the ability of's Savings to pay interest, but this is actually unnecessary. According to the relevant official information, we can know that the income that users get after using's Savings is taken out of leveraged trading. As a veteran cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating steadily for seven years, is one of the top big-name exchanges even if you look at the world. Therefore, is fully capable of collecting enough interest from its own leveraged transactions to return it to users who use's Savings. So there is no need to worry about's interest payment ability.

We can see that for users, can provide a lower threshold, simple operation and management, and practical high-interest deposit currency wealth management income on Savings, it can also be clearly felt that is leading users to enter the cryptocurrency market with the lowest risk, while maximizing the "financial attributes" of crypto assets. This is why we can see many authors spontaneously expressing views on many financial portals that is suitable for both senior investors and novice investors, because always puts users first.