Savvy Business Owner Takes Website Viral Overnight with Partnership

Could it be as simple as taking a social media “firestorm” up on their offer to sell a Facebook fan page and then using it to fuel sales and gain influence? So says the owner of a now viral website that used a purchased social media account, bustling with organic followers, to grow his wealth overnight.


Tarnow, Poland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2016 --So how did he do it? How did a regular website owner take his platform to viral status and line his pocket with $52k overnight? Sounds too good to be true. But it is true according to the owner of DailyLeap. A lifestyle website designed to garner the attention of virtual passersby with human interest stories, went viral overnight with one post. The one post heard round the world piggybacked on what is now deemed as prime digital age real estate. That "pay dirt" now looks like the willingness to buy or sell an Instagram account, sell a Facebook fan page, or that's right, sell a Twitter account.

The particulars of this stellar post that changed a man's life in one day goes a little something like this. The post was strategically placed on a popular social media account he had just purchased the rights to via The firm buys and sells established social media accounts to website owners to optimize awareness and bolster sales, and bring awareness and raise a bottom line it did. The post received 46 million hits which translated to over $52k within 12 hours. Social property purchased from ViralAccounts for a few thousand dollars spun into gold almost immediately.

David Kosiba, owner and operator of, said of the massive success of his methodology, "Were I to talk to someone who's sitting on a social media account with thousands or millions of organic followers is, 'Did you know you can make money from your social property?' Sell to business owners who can take the influence you've farmed, and use it for their products. They'll pay you handsomely and quickly. Some social media sites go for upwards of $250k. That's same day immediate cash flow for the seller."

Taking the new best way to advertise online to the masses, Kosiba says is beyond cost-effective. Once the initial investment of purchasing a popular social media account is recouped, the business owner or marketing firm has a free ongoing advertisement resource. Stats on pricing include mid-range Facebook fan pages with 200 to 500 thousand fans selling for between $500 and $2000 USD. High-yield accounts with 1 to 2 million fans can garner between $25 and $30K.

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About SKYNET, Inc.
SKYNET, Inc. was founded in 2010 and is the parent company of ViralAccounts. Registered in Europe, buys and sells established social media accounts to marketing firms and website owners to optimize brand awareness. The company also runs the world's only social pawn shop where sellers pawn social property for cash and recoup it in 30 days.

David Kosiba
Owner & Operator, SKYNET, Inc.