Saya Seeks to Solve the Water Shortage Crisis with Innovative Waste Intelligent Wifi Sensor


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/04/2015 --Aquacero, the revolutionary new wireless intelligent water leak detection and shutoff sensor from Saya, is live on Kickstarter and seeking to raise funds to bring the project to life.

California is currently mired in a record breaking drought with residents under a 25 percent water reduction mandate from Governor Jerry Brown, making the product from Saya, an Irvine, CA based company, an especially timely one.

"The problem is now," said SAYA spokesperson Elizabeth Lauren, "We don't want to be tied up in feasibility studies while California turns into a desert. We have the solution and we want to get started."

Saya has pioneered in Aquacero a product that is the first of its kind. Aquacero is a decision based intelligent system which, unlike most other "notification" based systems, is able to do more than simply notify you about the problem, it will act upon it. Saya is a digital intelligent water management system capable of doing so remotely via mobile app and cloud analytics.

The powerful water waste management tool is capable of detecting and preventing water leaks, detecting and preventing frozen pipes anywhere in your home or office, and allowing users to manage water consumption within their homes by measuring and providing smart water flow reports. All of which can add up to save users thousands of dollars per year.

The device is also the first in the marketplace to offer a comprehensive connected solution to residential and commercial water leak problem by offering dual and single inlet all-weather outdoor and indoor sensors for both hot and cold water pipes.

Aquacero is powered by a flow sensor and actuator connected to the Aquacero control module showing live data. Data from the module is then sent to a cloud based system called 'Saya Cloud One.' Finally, all data and controls can be accessed by the user friendly Aquacero App, giving users full control of their home from anywhere.

The Saya Aquacero Water Waste Management System starts at $279 on Kickstarter and includes free home installation with every pledge.

Saya's Aquacero is now live and available for purchase on Kickstarter:

About SAYA
SAYA is a team of forward thinkers & engineers committed to contributing to society, local communities and ultimately planet earth by developing technologies to conserve water in every possible way. SAYA's mission is to create and innovate products and develop intelligent solutions that make a difference in everyday life.

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