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Scanning Company in Seattle Offers Streamlined Solution for Ugly Business Records

Flexible document digitization in Seattle allows messy businesses buried under slips and receipts to clean up their act


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2020 --As a Seattle-based scanning bureau, the document digitizers at Micro Com Systems know that the expression "one size fits all" is a misnomer, particularly when it comes to paper records. For offices struggling to manage slips, receipts, records, and other bits of paper, Micro Com Systems offers a service that can really help businesses clean up—document digitization in Seattle. For more, go to: https://www.microcomseattle.com/solutions/document-scanning/ugly-records/

From thriving corporations to one-off entrepreneurs, it's all too easy for offices of any size to become buried in ugly paper records. Operating a business means lots of paperwork. From tax filings to client records, every office struggles to manage a variety of documents, some that come in random sizes or with multiple attachments. These may include invoices, chits, records, slips—and, of course, receipts. Lots of receipts.

Even if these paper records are neatly filed away by a miracle office assistant, all the cabinets, folders, and file space add up. Over time, these end up taking up valuable space that could be put to better use. Keeping paper records is a nuisance for a variety of reasons. In addition, paper records are always subject to wear and tear. They can even go missing, which can result in anything from an annoyance to a calamity, depending on the importance (or irreplaceability) of said document.

While document digitization isn't exactly new, Micro Com Systems has refined their services to offer business owners a quick and tidy solution for streamlining the digitization of messy paper records. Most conventional office scanners simply aren't equipped to handle the documents that need to be scanned. From gross volumes to odd and ridiculous sizes, the document digitizers at Micro Com Systems can scan messy files with minimal preparation thanks to an ingenious paper transport system that flawlessly captures any document right down to business card size.

With Micro Com Systems scanning and digitization services, it's no longer necessary to subject team members to the process of straightening dog-ears, removing staples, or gluing tiny receipts to backing sheets, lest they're eaten by the office scanner and never seen again. Micro Com Systems' document digitization in Seattle is a fast and cost-effective solution to digitize paper records and clean up messy offices.

To learn more about document digitization in Seattle, contact Micro Com Systems at 206-248-3191.

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