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Scareycrows Invade Hollywood

New Brit Cult Horror set to premiere in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2017 --In recent years, growing numbers of Hollywood Studios have taken crews to England to capture the quaint towns and unspoiled coastline.

But now, an independent, British film is reversing the trend and is about to have its Premiere in Hollywood.

Scareycrows is a comedy-horror inspired by English folk legends and has been filmed entirely in a small, seaside town called Dawlish.

Lucy Townsend, the director of Scareycrows said, "Our film may not have a huge budget but it is certainly capturing people's imagination."

Many English towns and villages hold Scarecrow Festivals where locals compete to make the most impressive straw men.

"There is something undeniably strange about scarecrows." Lucy explained. "They look human and yet they are not human. I think a lot of people find them unnerving and it's that unease that I wanted to explore in the film. When you look at a scarecrow, can you ever be certain that it isn't looking back at you?"

Scareycrows tells the story of Amy, a trainee hairdresser, who longs for excitement but is afraid to leave the quiet, seaside town where she was born.

As the annual Scareycrow Festival approaches, Amy realizes that her friends are mysteriously disappearing and discovers that her boyfriend has been keeping a dark secret.

When a series of grisly murders take place, Amy guesses that the innocent-looking Scareycrows are responsible and realizes that she must find a way to stop them before her boyfriend becomes their next victim.

Scareycrows is being released by Los Angeles based distributors IndieRights and will be having its Premiere on 22nd September before being released in the UK on 31st October 2017.