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Scarlett Gypsy to Release Debut Album "All Access"


York, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/24/2014 --The new Glam Metal Hard Rock Band Scarlett Gypsy announces a debut album. The bevy of sub-genres associated with glam metal and hard rock have often given birth to one-off bands and songs, but rarely is there an entire band assembled with the primary purpose of getting in a room together to watch what happens when their respective creative juices blend into an album like ALL ACCESS. Well, this is one band that delivers it straight with the volume cranked up high.

Asking audiences to see the opening frame of a music video at a shoddy country bar, where the beer is warm and the bartender looks like a 70's porn star. Here, the Gypsies swagger in looking like leather-clad outlaws fresh off the sunset strip. They jump up onstage and run through a fist-pumping rhythmically loose and powerful rock music set with the volume turned up to 11.

Interested? Want to hear more from them? Scarlett Gypsy’s new album “ALL ACCESS” delivers old school rock, ballads and wild party rock'n choruses for all new glam metal heads and rockers alike to enjoy. Boldly combining elements of raw rock with glam fueled gritty guitar riffs, melodic vocals and all-around high-octane music, this Gypsy Band is determined to please every fan’s need to rock-out on hot summer nights to catchy hooks, fist-pumping party-rock choruses and rhythmically loose powerful rock music.

Scarlett Gypsy is an American Rock Band originating from York, PA with David Mathew on Lead Vocals, Steve Plonk on Guitar & Vocals, Robert Douglas on Bass and Scotty Scarlett on Drums & Vocals. Together these four combined create a great new refreshing sound of old school rock complete with blazing guitar riffs, melodic vocals and infectious hooks.


1. Don’t Play Games With Love

This song is about someone playing games while in a relationship and teasing another for attention instead of love. The song drives home the sexy tone and grooving rhythm of Scarlett Gypsy music.

2. When You See Me

A fan favorite "power ballad" about questioning your feelings of being in love. The band’s guitar player (Steve) sings lead on this song which is very emotional at the end.

3. Black Betty

A huge crowd pleaser -this is a remake of the song "Black Betty" that Scarlett Gypsy’s guitar player Steve brought to the band. This is when the band “made it their own Scarlett Gypsy version”. Some sources claim the song is derived from an 18th-century marching cadence about a flint-lock musket with a black painted stock; the "bam-ba-lam". Other sources give the meaning of "Black Betty" (from at least 1827) as a liquor bottle that may ultimately owe its origin to a famous pretty black barmaid. This isn’t your old Ram Jam version either.

4. Is This Love

A radio ready rock anthem about meeting a new girl and deciding if it is a real feeling of love or is it just another one night stand.

5. Without Your Love (Not In Love Together)*

A dark “power ballad” about not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone away and you don’t have it anymore.

6. Tuff-E-Nuff*

This is the first song that the band wrote and recorded together and the version is an actual demo that was released as a single B-side back in 1991. This is a song about about picking yourself up after a breakup and being tough enough to get back out into the game and look for new love. The song is centered around the band going out on the town and drinking some shots and looking for love.

7. Don’t Forget My Name

A song about meeting someone on a trip over the summer and wondering if they will remember your name as you both go your separate ways but want to be together.

8. Luv’n Shuv’n

It's about getting some nookie and just hooking-up with someone you've been desiring. The song has a sexy groove which drives home a thumping rock back-beat feeling of needing it, wanting it and having some Luv'n Shuv'n tonight.

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by - Mike Musmanno & Pete Kogler*

Recorded at Block Studios & *Pipe Dream Studios

Mastered By - CJ Jacobson for Audio Mastering and Mixing


Scarlett Gypsy was an up & coming rock band in 1991-1992 when the industry changed and left them behind. Beginning in 1991 as a highly admired Glam Metal Hard Rock Band, Scarlett Gypsy began taking on American as they journeyed the turbulent east coast early 90’s rock scene in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Focusing on clubs like The Empire & The Galaxy that launched the careers of bands like Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Britney Fox, Heavens Edge and Tangier along with hometown hotspot The Tourist Inn that launch bands like Halestorm and Kix.

Fast-forward 20 years – the band reunites and immediately took Google+, Twitter and the rest of the internet by storm. Longing for their music to finally be heard, Scarlett Gypsy put a few songs to some of their concert footage and posted it on YouTube and within a few weeks had over 100,000 views on their Google+ page with fans requesting where they could buy the music. As all things that fade away seem to become fresh again someday, the band decided to self release eight songs on an album titled All Access being released internationally on June 25.


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