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Scentalog Smells Online Success for Fragrance Brands & Retailers

Patent Pending Fragrance Sampling Fan Deck of Scented Swatches Aims to Revolutionize Online Fragrance Sales and Revitalize Consumer Awareness of Perfumes and Scented Products


Coral Springs, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2017 --Synergie Media, Inc. announces the launch of Scentalog™, an industry first in which a variety of fragrance samples are compiled within a compact swatch book system able to be fanned-out; similar to selecting paint colors. Clear, peel-back scented swatches are affixed over printed product images on fan deck leaf blades such as perfume bottles or scented candles. The durable and reusable swatches completely mask individual scents before lifting open and after closing. For perfume testing, the fragrance activation within swatches can be rubbed onto skin for a full sampling experience.

"With a manufacturer or retailer branded Scentalog in hand, consumers can sample a variety of the latest and greatest fine fragrance offerings in their homes and on their own time with the instant gratification of ordering online upon discovery", says Nick Constable, President of Synergie Media and Scentalog inventor. "Because online shopping has surpassed brick and mortar, Scentalog can target fragrance as an omnichannel hero for major department stores and fragrance retailers with increased online sales, less returns, and simultaneous in-store distribution as last-ditch offerings from behind fragrance counters".

Marketing strategies can include unique promotional codes for gift cards, discounts, or other promotions to assure loyalty and new customer acquisition. "The Scentalog is an innovative way to reach consumers who are interested in trying and purchasing new fragrances" says Suzanne Lang, former Sr. Director of Marketing and Advertising of Parlux Fragrances. "And it is more targeted than traditional media as a means for reaching these consumers".

Synergie Media suggests retailers sell yearly Scentalogs via their online sites, in-store, and through other major online shopping sites to further reach consumers; assuring vested interest in finding their perfect scents. Users will most likely share their Scentalogs or buy additionally as gifts. Although brand participation is similar to advertising in a retail catalog; the look, size and feel of a Scentalog won't be confused with traditional catalogs that quickly end up in the trash.

About Synergie Media
Synergie Media, Inc. is a specialty marketing/publishing company based in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale, Florida area offering production services of its premiere product, Scentalog™ to be branded for major fragrance retailers and direct selling fragrance brand manufacturers. Products can include perfumes, colognes, personal care products, or room aromatics. Scent identification fan decks for areas in healthcare, education and safety training are available as well.

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