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Schedule Any Lesson Introduces Their "Americans Connecting Americans" Referral Program Aimed at Helping Teachers, Coaches and Private Instructors

Program Seeks to Pay $10,000,000.00 in Referral Fees


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2017 --Schedule Any Lesson, a technology, marketing and business development solution for private instructors, announced their "Americans Connecting Americans" referral program. With a goal of paying $10,000,000.00 in referral fees, "Americans Connecting Americans" is an opportunity for people to earn money by introducing private instructors to the Schedule Any Lesson platform.

In addition to offering a comprehensive technology and marketing solution, Schedule Any Lesson connects instructors with people searching for private lessons, enabling coaches, teachers and instructors to earn more money and keep the money they earn.

Americans Connecting Americans pays a $20.00 referral fee for every private instructor that joins the Schedule Any Lesson platform. To participate, people can visit Schedule Any Lesson and click on Referral Program. It only takes 15 seconds to register and receive a unique Referrer Referral Discount code.

Each time a new instructor uses the unique Referral Discount code they receive $10.00 off the annual rate or $1.00 per month off the monthly rate and the Referrer collects $20.00. The amount Referrers' can earn is unlimited.

"Everyone knows a teacher, coach or private instructor that offers private lessons, either as their main livelihood or a way to generate additional income", "Our company was founded on the belief that teachers and coaches are severely underpaid. We designed a way for any person to help introduce Schedule Any Lesson to private instructors that would benefit from a robust way to market themselves, gain new business and keep 100% of the money they earn." said Cliff Gardner, CEO of Schedule Any Lesson.

The appeal of "Americans Connecting Americans" is wide-ranging. People can do a favor for a few friends and personal contacts who provide private lessons or they can promote the Schedule Any Lesson solution to their entire professional and social media networks, creating a meaningful revenue stream while helping teachers, coaches and private instructors at the same time.

The program aligns extremely well with high quality charities seeking to raise money for worthy purposes. A proactive joint program creates a $20.00 donation for every new instructor enrollment.

"We want to reward people who share our commitment to helping our country's teachers and coaches", explained Gardner. "Americans Connecting Americans" generates momentum through people's sincere desire to help others and promote a valuable resource. It is built around personal influence as opposed to unauthentic tactics like mass marketing or celebrity endorsements".

About Schedule Any Lesson
Founded on the core belief that teachers, coaches and instructors are the backbone of America and that they are severely underpaid, Schedule Any Lesson helps private instructors earn more money and keep the money they earn. The Schedule Any Lesson platform includes five categories of instructors: Sports, Education, Fitness & Training, Music and Dance.

Schedule Any Lesson offers a turnkey technology, marketing and business development solution for instructors so that they can focus on providing lessons and making money.

Instructors receive their own custom designed website, professional site hosting and a personalized direct access URL to use in all their marketing efforts. Instructors are featured on Schedule Any Lesson's national/local online directory that generates direct introductions to prospective lesson takers.

Unlike competing private instruction sites, Schedule Any Lesson never charges the consumer a fee to use the service and never retains a percentage of the lesson fees from the instructor.

Instead, Schedule Any Lesson is introducing their innovative solution-based services for only $79.99 per year or $8.99 per month, with no other charges and retaining no portion of the lesson fees. For the cost of one or two lessons a year instructors receive a comprehensive technology, marketing and business development solution and keep 100% of their hard-earned money.

Media Contact:
Cliff Gardner, Schedule Any Lesson