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Science Fiction Author, J. R. Brienza Nabs the Best Medical Thriller Award from American Fiction Awards

Known to fiction buffs for her romps through sci-fi, J. R. Brienza takes home an award for a strikingly different genre.


Pittsburgh, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2019 --J.R. Brienza announces that her new novella Zhu has been named the Best Medical Thriller by American Book Fest's American Fiction Awards. The recognition came for her novels, "The Belt of Orion: Nibiru Rising" and its sequel "The Belt of Orion II Ramirez Reveals Planet X." The first two novels used governmental cover-ups, tabloid journalism, and a looming cataclysmic collision as devices to bring suspense to the fore. This time, Brienza uses familial ties to put a spotlight on medical ethics. With the award-winning Zhu, Brienza brings the question of survival to readers in a new way; now life and death is a matter of obsession. Fans will find out what pig embryos and a shady research lab have to do with a powerful man trying to save his little girl's life.

When murder ends up to be the burning question fueled by an even greater conundrum, Zhu asks, "How far would you go to save a loved one?" This is what tycoon Maxwell Sutherland finds out with his ailing daughter Abigail. A widower who lost his wife to a ravenous disease, Sutherland will not stand by and watch his daughter suffer the same fate. Luckily, he has the means to do whatever he can to save her. Unluckily, he sidesteps morality with a research lab that specializes in producing human organs in inhuman ways. Enter the Chimera Collaborative.

"I was inspired by current medical research to briefly sidestep my astronomical science-fiction series. It was fun to work on and the award a breakthrough for me. I'm thrilled, and my readers are on the edge of their seat," the author said.

Science-fiction author Dwayne Twitchell who purchased the book on Amazon, adds, "Zhu is a fast-moving, thought-provoking story that will give you the creeps, from beginning to end. And the ending is one that Rod Serling himself would give an approving nod."

For more information, visit http://www.jrbrienza.com/. To download the book on Amazon, visit https://amzn.to/33Hcnac.

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An interior designer and general contractor by trade, J. R. Brienza, is the author of The Belt of Orion: Nibiru Rising and its sequel The Belt of Orion II Ramirez Reveals Planet X as well as Zhu.

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