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Scott Abbott Launches Sequel to "Pocket PorchLights" to Help High School and College Graduates Succeed Professionally

The best-selling author of “Pocket PorchLights” writes follow-up book titled, “Level-UP to Professional: Elevate Your Success at Business, Work and Life; The Blueprint for Helping Young Professionals with Career-Centric Life Skills.”


Indianapolis, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2014 --Bringing his best-selling approachability just in time for graduation season, business and self-improvement author Scott Abbott launches his latest breakthrough book for current and soon-to-be young professionals. The new book is titled, “Level-UP to Professional: Elevate Your Success at Business, Work and Life”. Designed to be a sequel edition to his highly acclaimed book, “Pocket PorchLights: Reflections, Insights and Recommendation for Helping Young Adults Succeed in Business and Life” - Abbott again focuses on motivating working young adults to succeed with their life after school.

Since being published, Pocket PorchLights has won lots of praise, and many accolades. It’s been used within education and organizations across the planet; earned an award from Disney, and has become a statistical best-seller. In addition to the book itself, Scott has also done over 100 motivational talks, speeches and guest lectures to 10,000+ students, teachers, faculty and parents – at high schools, colleges, companies and functions. Abbott says, “Since writing Pocket PorchLights in 2007, I’m happy and humbled that the book has helped so many young professionals enhance their success at work, business and life. Now, we’re excited to add Level-UP to the mix – and keep the momentum going.”

Level-UP to Professional is a working blueprint that guides, educates and motivates - incorporating captivating stories, important recommendations, exceptional insights, time-tested tips, and proven techniques. But Level-UP will do more than help young working adults be better professionals: it will positively impact their mind, heart, body and soul. Level-UP has all of the best content (and messaging) from Pocket PorchLights, but also includes refreshed and updated copy; an innovative and vibrant copy design; a new chapter on Personal Branding; and a new Afterword section with fun and important questions for individual and group discussions. So, while Pocket PorchLights served us well from 2007 through 2013, Level-UP to Professional is here to serve from 2014, and beyond.

And with graduation season in mind - the book is now available, and in plenty of time for family and friends to place their orders on Amazon. In addition, the book is also available through the Level-UP website (www.leveluptopro.com) for high schools and universities to place bulk orders at up to 50% off retail price.

For more information, visit www.leveluptopro.com.

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