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Scott Tucker Releases Interactive Graphic Novel

Software designer Scott Tucker will release an interactive graphic novel early next year. Fun Games Blog gives a review and first look on their site as well as offering a free trial version of the game to all visitors.


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2015 --Fun Games Blog features in a recent article the new interactive graphic novel from Scott Tucker entitled, "Sky Explosions." The novel features a completely interactive storyline where users dictate the plot. The graphic novel will be released early next summer.

"This is not the first interactive graphic novel we have seen, but it is the best," says Finn Hanley, senior editor of Fun Games Blog. "Not only are the illustrations outstanding in their own right, but the intricacies of the storyline are incredible."

This is Tucker's fourth graphic novel, his first with the additional gaming aspect. Other artists were brought in by Tucker to advise and oversee the novels' execution which culminates 20 years of Tuckers productions.

"We have all put out minor role playing games in the past," says Tucker. "But this is much more in-depth than any of us have gone before. A lot of late nights and bloodshot eyes went into this and I hope it shows. We just wanted to bring something out that we thought was new and exciting while putting in all our efforts."

The demo version of "Sky Explosions" will be available for download at Fun Games Blog along with a full review.

The retail version will come with the graphic novel in several digital formats, the interactive flash based version, as well as access to an online forum for updates and additions. It will be available on shelves mid-June.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is an established software designer working in the field for over 20 years. He has been involved in every application genre including productivity, gaming, office, and corporate. Drawing and animation were only a hobby until publishing his first graphic novel several years ago. He has released three others as well as several small role playing games.

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