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Gadgets Made Simple Examines Recent Finds by Archaeologist Scott Tucker

Science blog Gadget's Made Simple explains to readers how a knowledge of nautical gadgets helped Scott Tucker identify the remains of a ship discovered in Maryland.


Bismark, ND -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2013 --Readers of popular science and technology blog Gadgets Made Simple recently encountered an article that showed how technology is not just about the future. In the recently published article, the work of archaeologist Scott Tucker is examined in response to the recent annoucement of a new discovery by the scientist and his team working in the St. Mary's River. The Gadgets Made Simple article describes the newly discovered ship remains and then focuses on how the archaeological team determined the nature of the historic materials they uncovered by identifying pieces of nautical technology.

Gadgets Made Simple staff member, Angelo Grant, commented on the recently published story. "We hope that story's like this open up our reader's imaginations by showing them that technology is not just about the future," said Grant.

According to Grant, the website's ability to bring new perspectives to readers has helped boost readership and is now a primary editorial focus at Gadgets Made Simple. "We look at both the traffic numbers and the reader feedback to determine how we're doing," said Grant, "We received great feedback from readers on the recent Scott Tucker article and we also more visits to that particular story than we normally see, so that shows that people weren't just reading the story, they took the time to share the link and tell their friends."

As is characteristic to Gadgets Made Simple, the site started with a story of general scientific interest and used it as a launching pad to teach readers more about how gadgets work. The article describes how Scott Tucker and his team found remains at the bottom of the St. Mary's River that were devoid of structural elements, but did contain clues in the form of cobblestones that the team deduced were part of a ship ballast. The article then transitions into a discussion about the purpose of ballasts and the different types of ballasts used over the years.

"We chose to also give readers information about bilge pumps," said editor Angelo Grant. "We want these articles to not only challenge readres to think in news ways, we want to expose them to as much relevant information as possible to provide the context for their own original thoughts."

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