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Creativite and Clever to Feature Scott Tucker's New Curriculum

Scott Tucker proposed a request to add meditation and yoga classes into the available elective courses in the upcoming school year. If approved by the school board, students will have the new options as early as second quarter.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2014 --In an upcoming interview and feature article, lifestyle and entertainment website Creativite and Clever will focus on the progressive education proposals made recently by public school teacher Scott Tucker.

Earlier this month at the Griggstown school board meeting, Scott Tucker presented a new proposal for additional electives to be added to the schedule. He detailed two separate courses of traditional Hatha yoga and another focused on Zen meditation. If approved, Tucker will be offered a teaching position at the high school.

"It always seemed strange to me that there are never courses like this available in schools," says Scott Tucker. "I believe they could help students become more adjusted to stress at the same time becoming more aware of their bodies and thoughts."

Tucker also plans keep a strict log of all students' grades, health, and stress levels over the course of the year. He hopes to show the board the positive effects of his classes and rebuke negative opinions about yoga classes. If approved, Tucker could potentially influence other schools to start similar programs.

Creativite And Clever contributor Jackson Poole commented on the new article, "Scott Tucker's efforts are a great example that we'd love to see other school teacher's following. Children should have their creativity and well-being nurtured in school, and that's what Tucker is trying to do."

"I hope this is just the beginning," says Tucker. "I have a lot of ideas for more advanced courses and would really like to build upon the foundation laid down. It's in the board's hands now so there's no sense in doing anything until that decision comes in."

The board has the rest of the month to decide on a finalized curriculum for the upcoming year and is scheduled to make the announcement no later than September 30.

By Kenneth McDaniel

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a certified yoga and meditation instructor and founder of Brain Body studio, located in North Jersey. He has trained under several masters both in India and Japan over the past 12 years. He currently offers public and private classes from beginning to advanced yoga throughout the week.