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Scott Tucker and Never Be Bored Tree Finder App

Amateur botanist Scott Tucker announces a free tree identification course open to the public. Never Be Bored will speak with Tucker about the course and preview the new 'Tree Finder' App.


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2015 --Never Be Bored talks with Scott Tucker later this month for their upcoming Spring Features series. The article scheduled for this spring will include an in-depth interview with Tucker covering a preview of his new App and details on his upcoming tree identification class.

"Scott Tucker's new App is something we've all been having fun with here in the office," says Bob Nickson of Never Be Bored. "It has a range of difficulty levels making it usable for beginners and more the more experienced. What really impressed me were the real pictures and videos. There was no chance of mistaking what you were looking at which happens often with drawings."

The tree identification class will cover general tree types, leaf anatomy, and scavenger hunt. All students will receive a small pamphlet outlining the most popular trees in the area as well as a discount for Tucker's 'Tree Finder' App.

The app is for ages three and up, featuring up to 12 difficulty levels that can be adjusted manually or automatically based on progress. Tucker says this gives users a much easier transition to more difficult material than the current three level template.

"I have been studying botany off and on for the past 22 years," says Scott Tucker. "I just love it and am very excited to be sharing my knowledge and passion through this course and App. I have several more ideas for classes and App add-ons so if the interest is there, more will be coming in the near future."

Scott Tucker's tree identification class is scheduled for March 18th. It will be held at Long Branch Wildflower Preserve from 10am-1pm. All ages are welcome. Registration is required and available at the Never Be Bored site as well as the nature preserve.

By Leandro McCarthy

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