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Scott Tucker Offers Orienteering Course

Our Family Fun Night will feature former Boy Scout leader Scott Tucker and his new classes in their upcoming article.


Sommerset, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2015 --Our Family Fun Night, the online leader in family entertainment, will be the first outlet to cover Scott Tucker's new orienteering course. The blog will have exclusive photos and interviews, as well as details on class registration. The course will begin in June.

"Both practical and fun, this is just the type of event our readership is looking for," says Hilary Swath, editor of Our Family Fun Night. "Scott Tucker is going to us not only how easy it is to start learning these skills, but also several ways to make it into a game for the whole family."

Tucker's new course will cover all the basics of using a map and compass. By the end of class participants will be able to navigate themselves out of a three mile wooded area unaided. Games and competitions will also be covered in detail throughout the class.

"I've been doing this a long time," says Tucker. "And it never gets old for me. New faces and new perspectives are what keep me going. Every class I teach is a culmination of everything I've learned in my life from the beginning to the last class I taught. So each time I can bring a little something more to the table."

The course will span a three month period and take place in two different parks to be announced upon final class registration. Our Family Fun Night will have exclusive access to Tucker and will publish details as summer approaches.

By James C. Woodall

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a surveyor currently working out of Sommerset, NJ. He has been involved in navigation and orienteering since childhood, where he first learned the skills from his grandfather. Over the years he has won several medals at local competitions and competed twice at the national level. Tucker resides in New Jersey with his wife Sarah and two daughters, Slyvia and Penelope.

About Our Family Fun Night
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