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Scott Tucker to Teach Sailing Classes

Never Be Bored to interview Scott Tucker about his new sailing classes offered to beginners.


Barrington, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2015 --The upcoming article from the Never Be Bored 'Outdoor Adventures' series will feature veteran sailor and boat mechanic Scott Tucker. The article will offer an exclusive interview with Tucker and host early class signup.

"Scott Tucker has been in touch with us off and on over the past year about this course," says Jean Hover of Never Be Bored. "We are very excited that he will finally carve out the time to sit down with us, and that he is going to let us handle his online signup."

The course will run for two months covering the basics of sailing and boat maintenance.
It will be the first class Tucker has lead as an instructor. Students should expect to walk away from the class with enough knowledge and experience to be comfortable on the water in a group situation.

"I feel like I have all this information I've picked up first hand over the years," says Tucker. "And I just want to pass it along to more people that are interested. If these classes go well I will definitely be expanding and continuing them in the future."

Tucker's course, 'Sailing and Boating Basics,' will start early this summer. Details and registration will be available on the Never Be Bored site in May.

By Randolph Jefferson

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker has been on the water since early childhood, his father and grandfather both having worked on ships. Over the past several years he has opened his own repair shop and offered free lessons to other sailors and boating enthusiasts. Tucker resides in Barrington, RI.

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