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Geologist Scott Tucker to Go on Speaking Tour

Professor of Geology Scott Tucker has announced plans for an upcoming East Coast lecture tour. Never Be Bored will have exclusive access to the lecture series.


Fresno, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2015 --Never Be Bored, a lifestyle and entertainment blog, will feature geologist Scott Tucker in an upcoming exclusive. The blog will provide interviews with the geologist, as well as live coverage and background information concerning his summer lecture series and online courses.

"We try to bring our readers topics and events that not only keep them busy, but enrich their lives," says John Tuttle of Never Be Bored. "We were very excited to be contacted by a mutual friend about Tucker's new endeavors as this is exactly what we are looking for."

The new lecture series is entitled "Under the Dirt." It will cover intermediate and advanced geology including new on site protocols, laboratory analysis, discussion of several journal articles, and time for Q&A. The tour will kick off in March.

Never Be Bored will also host early open enrollment for Tucker's new online courses. The courses will be open to the public with no pre-requisites. They will cover beginner and intermediate levels dependent on class size.

"I know a few of us will be signing up, and we have several friends and family members with high interest as well," says Tuttle. "The ability to take the course anywhere with someone as knowledgeable as Scott Tucker is really something special."

The lecture tour starts in March immediately followed up by the start of his online courses.

"Some of the classes will be taught from my laptop as I will still be on tour," says Tucker. "I think it will be a really fun experience as it is a new paradigm for me and I believe a lot of the students as well. My only goal with all of this is to pass on as much knowledge as I can in the most efficient way I know how."

By Sheryl Jackson

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a professor of geology currently working abroad on several projects. He has published over 15 journal article and been a teacher on both the high school and collegiate level for the past 25 years.

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