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Scott Tucker to Climb Newly Opened Section of Grand Canyon

Fitness Life Stories will interview climber Scott Tucker in an upcoming article. The blog will host exclusive photos of the previously unclimbed site, as well as live video from the event.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2015 --Fitness Life Stories will feature competitive indoor mountain climber Scott Tucker. Tucker recently announced plans to climb a section of the Grand Canyon that has only recently been made available for recreational use.

"We are always looking for new pieces of rock to explore," says Tucker. "Getting to climb something for the first time is a great learning experience as there are no routes planned or marked. Being the first is also a weird feeling. Something about untouched rock just feels different."

The new section of rock is on the south side of the park, stretching about 4000 feet wide and featuring a steep ascent. The park officials had kept the section closed due to falling rocks. That original assessment was done more than twenty years ago, and officials have recently deemed the site safe.

"Climbers constantly write or call asking about closed sections of the park," says John Stevens, park official. "We are not trying to keep them from their sport. Our job is one of safety, both of visitors and the park itself. Luckily this site is now open to climbers."

The new section of rock has been named 'The Crag' by Tucker and his team. They will climb the rock while on their rock climbing tour later this spring. A free, live video feed via webcam will be made available at Tucker's website and on Fitness Life Stories.

By Kimberly C. McRay

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About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a competitive indoor climber that has won or placed in all the top indoor competitions. He also works as a a climbing instructor using his online company to schedule lessons while he is on the road. Tucker is currently on a US climbing tour with his team of six. He resides in Scottsdale, AZ.