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Scott Tucker Speaks on Tree Preservation

Environmentalist Scott Tucker will speak at Georgetown Nature Preserve later this year concerning tree preservation at the local and global levels. Our Family Fun Night to host exclusive interview footage and early registration.


Sacramento, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2015 --Our Family Fun Night will feature environmental speaker Scott Tucker. The fourth annual Environment Day at Georgetown Nature Preserve will welcome several speakers, have hands-on projects for children, and give guided tours of the preserve. Scott Tucker will present his latest findings about tree preservation and how individuals can be part of the conservation movement.

"I want to try and dispel the myth that trees have always been around so they always will," says Tucker. "We are at the beginning of a decline in forestry that I think could affect us on several levels. A lot of the stories from science fiction authors aren't that far-fetched to me anymore."

The event will have the capacity to hold 500 people, making it the largest scale event the preserve has had to date. Scott Tucker is expected to draw large numbers of people to the event.

"The event isn't for months yet and there are still people calling about it every day," says Winnie Tonking, project organizer for the preserve. "We were all excited when Tucker signed on for the event, but we didn't expect this. This will be a great opportunity to share what we are all about here and hopefully pass along some knowledge along the way."

Tucker will be taking a small break from his two month long lecture tour to attend the event. He will be available for questions throughout the event, also giving out copies of his latest newsletter.

Registration for the event will be available in person at the Georgetown Nature Preserve or by phone. Details, including expected donation, speakers, and schedules to be released by Our Family Fun Night and the preserve in February.

By Sherri J. Nobles

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is an established researcher and environmentalist specializing in tree preservation. He has published several journal articles, written for dozens of environmental publications, received numerous awards, and is currently running for a position in the Department of Environmental Quality. Tucker resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife Eileen.

About Our Family Fun Night
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