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Safe Drive App Introduced by Scott Tucker

Simply Awesome Cars will feature the new App by Scott Tucker and his team at 'Drive Well Designs.' The App will track driver data giving a summary of markers designed to enhance safety and focus.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2015 --The site aimed at all things automotive, Simply Awesome Cars, will feature an in-depth review of Scott Tucker's new app in an upcoming article. The new product from Drive Well Designs, "Safe Drive," will be available to the public later this year.

"We have been waiting for this one for a while," says Steve Keets, senior editor of Simply Awesome Cars. "This could potentially change the habits, and more importantly, the safety of many drivers on the road. The demo we received was better than anything else we have seen on the market, and it wasn't even finished."

The "Safe Drive" app gives users complete control over all variables and settings making its ease of use very appealing. Users can then review all data at their convenience, including speed and braking habits. There are also additional sensors to record hand position and line of sight.

"This app is something that we are all very proud of," says Tucker. "All of the guys put in their best and we really think this is something that could change driving as we know it. Just being able to come home and realize, at the touch of a button, that your eyes were off the road 23 percent of the time can have a serious effect on future trips."

The "Safe Drive" app will be available to the public this May. Simply Awesome Cars will give users a sneak peek, complete with screen shots and an interview with lead designer Scott Tucker.

By Deann C. Sanchez

About Drive Well Designs
Drive Well Designs is a software design company started by Scott Tucker in 2010. The company focuses on apps and software add-ons that will help car drivers. Currently they accept contracts from both private and public parties. The company is based out of Los Angeles, Ca.

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