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Director Scott Tucker To Be Interviewed By Movie Favorites

Scott Tucker’s latest documentary, “Sunrise Living,” covers the lives of two couples over the course of three weeks. Movie Favorites will speak with Tucker about the experience and share exclusive video clips from the film in an upcoming article.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/26/2015 --Movie Favorites, a site focusing on both independent films, blockbusters, and everything in between, will feature long time filmmaker Scott Tucker and his latest offering. The soon to be released documentary chronicles the lives of two couples camping in both NJ and PA.

"This is a great film that really shows what Tucker is about," says George Adams of Movie Favorites. "The way he captures shots is amazing - you would never think he was even there, like it was just the perspective from an animal or local wildlife. There is such a realness to it that only Scott Tucker could capture."

The film covers everything experienced by the campers from the first sunrise to the cold, rainy nights. There is nothing left to the imagination as Tucker filmed around the clock using wireless microphones and high definition pin cams.

"Yes, there are bathroom scenes," says Tucker. "And there are also intimate scenes that might be inappropriate for younger viewers, but this film is about realness. I wanted to take away to be: This is what living in the wilderness is like, so leave all your illusions at the door."

Scott Tucker's latest film "Sunrise Living" will be released in early spring. Expect exclusive interviews with the subjects, the director, and film screening times from Movie Favorites starting in April.

By Maria A. Shephard

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is an established filmmaker and documentarian. He specializes in documentary, but has also dabbled in animation and comedy. Tucker resides in Yardley, PA with his wife Julia. Currently he is on a film tour supporting his latest release.

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