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Scott Tucker Offers Arborist Classes to the Public

Licensed Arborist Scott Tucker has announced a series of tree care classes for the beginner to intermediate level. Fitness Life Stories will feature Tucker and his upcoming series.


Wilkes-Barre, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2015 --Fitness Life Stories, a fitness and lifestyle blog, will feature local arborist Scott Tucker who has just scheduled a series of classes. The blog will share an interview, along with a sneak preview of his class.

"We are constantly on the lookout for new and different things our readership will like," says Herman Wilson of Fitness Life Stories. "Tucker's new arborist classes lend themselves to both our criteria. He has been speaking to us off and on for the past month between organizing his classes and his regular work and we are very excited to finally bring the story to light."

Scott Tucker's goal is to aid his regular customers in the community with smaller tree care jobs they could handle on their own, if they have the right training and practice. His classes will encourage people to get outside and become more aware of the nature that is in their own neighborhoods, as well as identify distressed specimens and potentially harmful tree diseases.

"Talking with Herman over the past month has really turned me on to how to present this material to the public," says Tucker. "The connection between the great outdoors and general fitness and health is clearer to me now – and I want everyone to be able to see it too."

The classes, which are scheduled to start in spring, will have both in person and online components. More details will be included with the Fitness Life Stories feature on Scott Tucker.

By Leah C. Ray

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a self-employed, licensed arborist working year round in eastern Pennsylvania. His passion stems from his family history – he is the third generation to work as an arborist. Tucker lives with his wife Glenda, and his daughters Tori and Shelia.

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