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Scott Tucker Opens Jewelry Store

Jeweler and designer Scott Tucker announces grand opening of new store, ‘Sticks and Stones.’ A Shoe In Fashion will take a first look with a video walkthrough and exclusive photos.


Des Moines, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/04/2015 --Fashion and lifestyle website A Shoe In Fashion is featuring 'Sticks and Stones,' the newest attempt from Scott Tucker to expand his jewelry business. It will focus on rare stones and exotic designs. The store will open in late March.

"This is the first of our sister stores to get going," says Scott Tucker. "We are in the process of opening in two other locations as well so it has been busy. Each store will have their own theme and specialties, but customers need not worry as any item can be sent to the appropriate store free of charge."

'Sticks and Stones' is the first of three stores Tucker will be opening this year. The remaining two will be run by long time friends and coworkers selected by Tucker himself. Tucker hires expert jewelry consultants with whom he has strong personal relationships, many of which have worked in the Scott Tucker jewelry world for years.

"I have hired outside the company before," says Tucker. "And it wasn't an issue of craftsmanship or presentation. It was just a difference of opinions on subtle things. The problem is those differences add up in the long run and it's just not worth the risk if you don't have to take it. These stores represent a close knit group of family and friends and that will carry over to our customers."

'Sticks and Stones' will debut in March with a grand opening sale and raffle. A Shoe In Fashion will have exclusive interviews with customers, the designer, and employees as well as a video walkthrough.

By Josephine M. Ortiz

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a jewelry designer and maker in the business for over 12 years. Both father and grandfather were jewelers, Tucker learning the trade at a young age. He began working in his father's store at seven, repairing jewelry at ten. He has worked for both major retailers and smaller businesses before opening his own store several years ago. Tucker currently resides in Des Moines,Iowa with his wife Gretchen.

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