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New Canoga Park Hostel Planned by Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker will open a new hostel in Canoga Park, California. Home and Recreation will announce the details of the hostel with blueprints and sketches.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2015 --Online family lifestyle magazine HomeAndRecreation.org recently announced they are working on a feature exploring architect Scott Tucker. Tucker, a San Fernando Valley native, announced that he is working on creating a full time hostel in his home town of Canoga Park.

"Being featured on Home and Recreation is just the thing small businesses like mine need to gain momentum and traction in the community," said Scott Tucker. "I could not be happier to be working with the editors of the website, they are doing a lot to increase community awareness of local small business."

The hostel will be located in a high traffic area of the city nearby multiple parks and public transportation hubs to allow access and convince for customers. Entrance restrictions and surveillance equipment will be in place to keep the full time hostel safe and secure.

"Its great to see someone reaching out in their community and starting a small business that increases tourism and local economy," says Morgan Brooks, staff writer of Home and Recreation. "I know Scott left Canoga Park for awhile to pursue opportunities in North Hollywood, but he decided to take the business skills he's gained and bring them back to his home town. It's just an inspiring story and motivation for the rest of us to reach just a little higher for our dreams."

Home and Recreation readers will have access on the website to photos during planning and construction phases at Tucker's new hostel. Information on the announcement of opening night will be available exclusively to readers who sign up for the ST newsletter.

Accommodation details and prices will be posted on the Home and Recreation website before they are advertised nationally. Scott Tucker will be offering discount bookings to fans who reserve accommodations from the Home and Recreation feature before availability is advertised publicly online.

Scott Tucker's new hostel is planned to begin construction this fall.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker has been working on a diverse array of projects in Southern, CA for 40 years. He works privately with partners to anonymously build and improve the concrete jungle of the world. He has preference for small scale mid-rise and low-rise modern buildings.

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