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Artist Scott Tucker Chosen for Town Hall Mural

Local artist Scott Tucker has been picked by the community to paint a mural on the town hall building. Never Be Bored hosts exclusive photos and video time lapse of the entire process.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2015 --Never Be Bored features Scott Tucker, a canvas and mural artist, in their upcoming article. Tucker will paint the new town hall mural on South Main Street this coming spring. The mural will cover three sides of the building, covering almost three thousand square feet, making it the largest work Tucker has taken on.

"I was surprised when I got the message that I had been chosen," says Tucker. "I honestly didn't even know I was even in the running. The people in this town are really like family and I am very grateful to them all. I hope to be able to put that love and respect into this work."

The title of the mural will be "Ties That Bind," a tribute to outstanding community members of the past and present. The building has recently been renovated on the interior which the city hopes to match on the outside. The town says they trust Tucker and have given him artistic freedom to go where he wishes from there.

"Scott has been helping the town since he moved there over 20 years ago," says Monte Freidman, staff writer at Never Be Bored. "He has donated countless hours to schools and hospitals and is really a very talented artist and selfless person."

Work on the mural is scheduled to start in early spring with a projected end date this fall. All supplies will be provided by the town by donation, additional labor provided by the volunteer fire department members.

"This is the biggest job I've ever accepted so I want to be as prepared as possible. I understand there are always setbacks and problems that arise on the job, but I want to at least know what I might be dealing with," says Tucker.

Other mural artists will be collaborating with Tucker to finalize the details of the project before it begins. The project preview will be featured on the Never Be Bored site.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is an artist specializing in canvas painting. He teaches several classes at several art studios as well as offering private lessons from his home. He enjoys spending time with kids and freely gives his extra time he has to schools and the underprivileged. He resides in Roanoke, VA with his wife Sarah and two dogs, Sunny and Charlie.

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