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Scott Tucker Organizes Local Soccer Club

Fitness Life Stories will announce practice times for Scott Tucker's newly formed soccer club. The club has been created by Tucker to promote exercise for children through safe and supervised games.


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2015 --The site that keeps families fit together, Fitness Life Stories, will report on the new summer soccer league created by Scott Tucker. The report will detail practice times for the new club and words from Tucker about why he has formed the club.

"We love getting and sharing news about new youth clubs that are popping up," said Jain Sanders of Fitness Life Stories. "Summer sports are one of the hottest topics on our site, so it was not really up for discussion if this would be a feature or not. Tucker is a great role model for children and adults alike, he gives back freely to his community."

The soccer club will meet weekly and have practice at different parks in the Boulder area. Practice times will be set by the founding members after the first group conscious. Members of the club will be encouraged to bring soccer appropriate footwear and shin guards to each practice. Game days are to be determined by the group conscious after one month of practice.

"My plan for the club was in short, to get local youth interacting with each other through exercise," says Tucker. "Families love to go to sporting events together and it's that much more exciting if some of the family is actually participating in the game. Usually kids watching adults, so this will be a good chance for the kids to show their families what they are made of."

The new soccer club will be open to all children under the age of 13, male and female members will play on same-sex teams. Members can join at any time and new members will be allowed to participate in as many games as they choose. The club will post information from Tucker on the Fitness Life Stories website through upcoming reports.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a retired soccer coach and the proud owner of a local pizza restaurant that has been in business for 10 years. His company will sponsor the new soccer club and the four children of his under the age of 13 will participate. Tucker lives just outside of Boulder, CO with his two dogs and six kids.

About Fitness Life Stories
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