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Fitness Life Stories Covers Scott Tucker Run from San Francisco to Seattle

Runner and fitness expert Scott Tucker announces upcoming run from San Francisco, CA to Seattle, WA with Fitness Life Stories. The website will publish exclusive photos of the long distance run with quotes from Tucker.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --San Francisco resident Scott Tucker announced earlier this week to Fitness Life Stories that he will run over 600 miles from San Francisco to Seattle. Fitness Life Stories will publish photos of the run once Tucker begins in May, with quotes and words of advice from Tucker along the way.

"Tucker made his plans public a few days ago in an effort to get interested people to follow his blog and social media accounts that will document the detail of his trek," says Ned Crane, writer at Fitness Life Stories. "This is going to be a big challenge for him, but plenty of people have completed runs like this and even longer ones in the past, so I'm fully confident that he will make it."

The distance between San Francisco and Seattle is over 670 miles, Tucker plans to run the distance in less than 2 months. Tucker will face unexpected summer weather in California and Washington while on his run, which he plans to physically run alone. There will be a support team meeting with Tucker each night at predetermined resting points.

"Although I know that the run can be done, there is no way of knowing what obstacles I may face along the way, and I am not sure how I will handle the distance and the commitment psychologically," says Tucker."How I will deal with all the alone time is the real million dollar question for me. I have done the physical training but I am not used to spending that much time alone every day."

Tucker will be updating the his fans through Fitness Life Stories, his own social media accounts and his personal blog throughout the trip. Tucker has decided if he completes the trip he will use it as the stepping stone to longer and more challenging runs in the future.

"The plan is to tackle this intense run, then some more, and build up an audience. I want to publish a book about traveling and running," says Tucker.

Scott Tucker will depart from San Francisco as soon as spring weather breaks in the Northwest corridor. Fitness Life Stories will begin publishing photos in May after Tucker begins his journey.

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