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Scott Tucker Goat Cheese Book Available Soon

Goat farmer and cheese maker Scott Tucker announces that his book "Got Goat Cheese", a manual of goat cheese making and goat rearing, will be available for purchase soon. Home and Recreation reviews the book with their announcement of it's publication details in an upcoming article.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --Farmer and cheese maker Scott Tucker from Scottsdale, AZ will publish a book he has written about his cheese making and farming practices. After sixteen years of goat herding and cheese making, Tucker will self-publishing a goat cheese making manual entitled "Got Goat Cheese".

"I first got the idea to write a book back when I was in my 20's and had more enthusiasm, but the timing just wasn't right until now," said Tucker. "I actually drafted a couple of chapters for the book about five years ago, and then last year I got started working in earnest. Definitely looking forward to the Home and Recreation review to see what they think."

"Got Goat Cheese" depicts through descriptions and diagrams, what it is like to be a goat herder and cheese maker. The book details how Tucker and other farmers obtain goats and begin building a herd, how they milk the goats, and how cheese production is done. Explanations of different goat breeds and their suitability for different cheese making situations are provided in a glossary.

"When you have the experience and you get in rhythm with the herd, goat herding is really very simple according to ST," says Brandy McNeil, staff researcher at Home and Recreation. "We think the world of goat herding and cheese making can seem extremely complex. I'm hoping that ST book gets a lot of people past the initial hurdles of becoming a successful goat herders and cheese makers."

The new book is written to be understood by people with a 7th grade reading level or above. The readability and simple instructions are combined with a FAQ section within the book to give readers the best chance for successful application. The book has an overall focus on sustainable farming to prevent over grazing in areas where it is an existing problem.

Tucker will self-publish the book and sell it to book stores across North and Central America. He plans to make the books by hand on his farm which will keep production limited to 50 books per week. Home and Recreation will publish their notes on ST's book and details of the books availability in an article coming next month.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker farms 50 acres of land with his family and goat herds. He has produced his own goat cheese for nearly two decades and does not sell it publicly. His family secret to making goat cheese has been passed down for 3 generations.