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Scott Tucker Brings Fresh Mango Juice to Napa Valley

Entrepreneur Scott Tucker announces plans to sell fresh mango juice in Napa Valley, California. Creative and Clever will feature the new juice business in an upcoming entrepreneur spotlight.


San Jose, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2015 --Scott Tucker recently announced plans to create a small import juice company in the southern California area. Tucker plans to sell imported mango juice through area juice vendors during the summer tourist season. Creative and Clever will cover the new business and it's founder in an upcoming article.

"There is a serious lack of fresh mango juice in the United States," says Scott Tucker. "My plan is to introduce people vacationing in Napa Valley to the delicious mango juice that people drink in the tropics. People don't know what they're missing, fresh mango juice is one of the most refreshing things on earth and most of what is available in the United States is nutritionally inadequate."

The new business has no storefront, instead Tucker sells the juice at wholesale cost to vendors in the area. The vendors who obtain the juice are given a certificate of authenticity from Tucker insuring the quality and country of origin. Tucker uses fair trade quality fruit juice only and purchases all of the mango's from hand selected farms throughout Central and South America.

"Soft drink companies aren't opening up their own stores, they partner with retailers to have their products placed in optimal locations for making sales," comments Brandon Zimmer, editor of Creative and Clever. "I realized that Tucker has chosen a genius way to do business. There are tons of great vendors already serving vacationers in the town and he can offer them a high-quality unique product that differentiates their establishment."

Several business partnerships with Napa Valley main street vendors have been established by Tucker prior to the start of the summer tourist season. Exact information about who will be selling the imported fresh mango juice will be announced by Tucker as the import schedule is finalized.

Creative and Clever plans to publish an interview with Tucker concerning details of his business plan in an upcoming feature.

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