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Scott Tucker Hosts "Weather Science Day" for Families

Meteorologist Scott Tucker will host a “Weather Science Day” learning event this summer in Cory Park. Our Family Fun Night will feature the event's educational activities for families.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --The website for everyday family entertainment, Our Family Fun Night, will cover Scott Tucker's "Weather Science Day" activities. The summer event, scheduled for late July, will be an outdoor event in Cory Park. Adults can accompany small children under the age of 11 to the event which will feature water park style educational shows and interactive activities.

"Parents will enjoy bringing their children to this event, it's going to coll the whole family off," says Bryan Petterson, writer at for Our Family Fun Night. "There is nothing better than keeping cool in July, and we love that Scott Tucker has made an event that is both refreshing and educational. It's a guilt free way to take the day off with the family and have some fun in the park."

The event will take place in Cory Park under two large tents provided by Tucker. The city will donate 500 gallons of water for the educational shows and interactive activities that are planned for the event. Local volunteer firefighters will participate in peace keeping and keep the event safe for all participants. Adults and children will be able to participate in all of the interactive activities at the event at no cost.

"I have kids of my own, and I know the struggle of trying to find fun ways to educate them," says Tucker. "We have so many great things planned for the event, large pools and weather tubs, and the local firemen will be there to supervise everything so it stays fun and safe. There will be no excuse to keep the kids home from this event, it's just going to be a great way to cool off."

Scott Tucker will provide free water to the families who attend and the Cory Park concessions stand will be open with normal hours to serve the park and event visitors. The event will be accepting donations for several disaster relief funds that service the floor plains area. Our Family Fun Night will post photos and videos of the educational shows and interactive activities from the event.

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