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Vegan E-Book from Scott Tucker Announced by Fitness Life Stories

The nutritionist and author Scott Tucker will document the physical effects of a vegan diet in his upcoming E-Book. Fitness Life Stories will reveal quotes from the book in an upcoming feature.


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --Nutritionist Scott Tucker recently announced the creation of a new E-Book that will document his experience with following a vegan diet. The book will cover the effects of a vegan diet on physical fitness and Tuckers' overall health before and after his implementation of the diet.

"A lot of wild health benefits are claimed by proponents of going vegan," says Benjamin Wood, editor of Fitness Life Stories. "And opponents of the diet claim that it is a quick way to get sick and lose muscle mass. Tucker has tried in this new E-Book to find out his own truth, and share what he discovers with the world."

The E-Book will be written containing only the experience of Tucker. Chapters will contain his experience with the diet over a 2 year period with detailed breakdown of changes in his weight and cholesterol, body fat, and heart health. Tucker acknowledges that his experiment will fail to meet many of the requirements for a true scientific study, such as use of large data sets and control groups.

"Going vegan is still so far out of the mainstream and that being said, it will be a long time before large scale scientific studies are available," says Scott Tucker. "But there is a long history of self-experimentation in the world of science. Whatever data I produce will have known limitations, but who knows what other studies my experimentation could lead to."

The new E-Book by Scott Tucker will contain photos and descriptions some of Tucker's most commonly eaten meals. The E-Book will also contain before and after photos of Tucker himself, and descriptions of health indicators such as blood analysis, body weight, blood pressure, and body fat percentage.

Scott Tucker will release his book for free public download next month on his website. Preview quotes from the book before it's official release will be published on Fitness Life Stories website in their next vegan feature.

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