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Scott Tucker Announces Graphic Design Workshop with Never Be Bored

Graphic Designer Scott Tucker announces beginner level workshop will be held this summer at local community center. Never Be Bored will provide details on workshop dates and requirements in an upcoming educator spotlight.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --Scott Tucker announced he will be teaching a graphic design workshop this spring in San Jose, CA. The designer is taking a break from working on his latest project to teach the workshop to local graphic designers in his community. Never Be Bored will publish an article detailing what skills and concepts the workshop will be teaching.

"Teaching is something I've always imagined myself doing," says Tucker. "I have learned all I think I can with higher education for Graphic Design and Animation, but originally I wanted to teach and I'm excited for this opportunity. Never Be Bored is one of my favorite sites and I think they will help me spread the word about the workshop."

Tucker has contributed work to several large graphic projects for video game consoles and desktop games. He has not worked on large projects for more than 9 years and now works with smaller projects that require advanced design work with the newest and most advanced design technology.

"This workshop will be a great opportunity for Tucker to get back to basics," says Samantha Hunt, writer for Never Be Bored. "The workshop will be for the beginner level graphics designers because Tucker is trying to really better his own knowledge of new software while he teaches others. It's going to be a fun way to spend the summer for anybody who's lucky enough to get into any of the workshop dates."

The previously announced Monday/Wednesday summer workshop has been booked full at the community center, Never Be Bored will announce additional dates which Tucker plans to finalize this month.

The students enrolled to attend the workshop are required to be graphic design majors and community members interested in a career in game development and design. Though students of the workshop will only be designing small scale games, Tucker will look at bigger projects his students have been developing after workshop hours.

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