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Scott Tucker Announces New Productivity Watch

Designer and inventor Scott Tucker has announced the release of his new productivity watch known as, "The Pro." Gadgets Made Simple reviews the watch, giving exclusive photos and video demonstrations with the maker.


Bismark, ND -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --"The Pro" is the latest product from independent inventor Scott Tucker. The electronic watch is designed to make productivity easier for wearers, featuring five different digital displays and a user's guide that doubles as a self-help book.

"We've seen our share of watches here in the office," says Gilbert Froh, project director at Gadgets Made Simple. "But this one from Tucker is by far the most versatile, function packed one yet. The ability to save so many different presets and use simultaneous actions opens it up to the widest range of customers."

The watch features many time keeping tools, running up to five different stopwatches at one time. Each stopwatch can be individually labeled to be associated with a different personal goal. The user's guide goes into great detail about the hows and whys of goal setting so the set-up process takes limited time.

"I wanted to integrate several ideas and processes I was already using into one unit," says Tucker. This was originally something to help me stay more focused and productive from day to day, but as it turns out, everyone could use something like that."

"The Pro," the latest product from Scott Tucker, hits the shelves this summer.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a designer and inventor with a background in computer technology. He has been in business for himself most of his life with jobs ranging from computer repair, software design, to corporate electronics work. Currently Tucker accepts jobs regularly from several small businesses as well as private contracts from larger groups. He currently resides in New York City with his cat Frida.

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