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Dentist Scott Tucker Speaks at Cancer Prevention Convention

Dentist Scott Tucker is scheduled to speak at the a cancer prevention convention this year. Everything Entertaining features live coverage from the event. Tuckers speech will focus on new and old dental practices with regards to cancer.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --Everything Entertaining is wrapping up their 'Interested and Informed' series with their upcoming article featuring dentist Scott Tucker. He will be speaking at the Cancer Prevention Convention that has been scheduled to take place at Thompson Hall. Long time dentist and researcher, Tucker will be speaking on several recent journal articles as well as links to cancer in the dental field past and present.

"We're glad to have Tucker with us this year," says Noah Wilson, project head of this years convention. "Our schedules conflicted last year so he was one of our priorities this time around. His talks and speeches are full of facts and analysis only he can deliver."

This years conference will host several groundbreaking keynote speakers, with some speakers scheduled to be available for Q&A afterward.

"I've been looking forward to speaking about my latest findings," says Tucker. "I've added a lot since last year and I'm eager to hear what other researchers and scientists have to say. I'm always looking for criticism and feedback, no matter the source. Anything can be the hand that draws the curtain, so to speak."

The upcoming annual CPC conference will be held at Thompson Hall with light food and refreshments available throughout the conference. Attendee's are encouraged to register before the conference to be included on pre-conference newsletters.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a private dentist working throughout North and Central America. He is also a long time participant in cancer research and fundraising, as it relates to the dental field. Tucker has published several journal articles in recent years as well as been on dozens of lecture tours. He currently lives with his wife Estella in Burbank, CA.

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