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Scott Tucker Releases Lecture Series on Audiobook

Never Be Bored features new audiobook lecture series, ‘Ground Up’ from Professor Scott Tucker. The audiobook series is designed to be easily understood by all listeners over the age of 12.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --Professor of Anthropology Scott Tucker's lecture series, 'Ground Up' will be available in audiobook form later this year. In a recent article Never Be Bored introduces the lecture series. Once available, exclusive audio clips and discounted downloads will be offered on the site.

"The preview clips we have on the site have already generated a lot of interest in the forum among our readership," says Bob Wilson, editor at Never Be Bored. "Tucker has had a lot of success with his lecture tours, frequently selling out, so we are very excited to the first outlet for this."

The series is a combination of Tucker's previous lectures as well as notes from his books and journal publications. Some new, unreleased material will also be offered. The goal of the audio series is to make education more accessible and digestible for the average person.

"There is a lot of new information out there that is really important, but also not easily understood by those outside the field. I'm not sure everyone in the field fully appreciates it yet. Bob and his team at Never Be Bored have been really helpful in spreading awareness and getting the information to those that want it."

Scott Tucker's new lecture series, 'Ground Up' will be available later this year in all audiobook formats. Details and audio clips from the previewed material can be found online at Never Be Bored.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is an associate professor of anthropology currently employed at several state colleges. He has worked in the field for 12 years, publishing several journal articles, lecture series, and teaching part time. Tucker prefers to live in Keen, NH while working in Boston, MA.

About Never Be Bored
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