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Scott Tucker Creates Line of Denim Jeans

Fashion designer Scott Tucker will produce a new line of clothing this year, the release and preview will be covered by A Shoe In Fashion. The new line will feature many cuts of denim jeans in styles for the whole family at low-cost.


Madison, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2015 --A Shoe In Fashion, the website dedicated to breaking fashion news, will be publishing the preliminary sketches of the new Scott Tucker line in an upcoming blog. The slogan for the new family line from Tucker has been announced as "More Road to Travel".

"It would be a more than difficult time to find someone in the fashion world not familiar with Scott Tucker," says Joan Frazier, editor at A Shoe In Fashion. "He was almost born into the career he has, almost born into the life thanks to his parents being in the industry already. Tucker has been in the industry for over 20 years now, and we are very excited to show off his new sketches, they show off the depths of his experience."

"More Road to Travel" will be produced in the USA this spring for the fall release of the line. The denim will be available in outlet stores and various fine retailers throughout North America by the end of November. Tucker has created the clothing to be worn especially in cold climates, with different cuts and styles suitable for snow and harsh weather.

"I really started loving denim in my early teens when I would find myself doing alterations for my parents small clothing shop," says Tucker. "The needle and thread have yet to run out for me. After alterations built my the foundation of my interest, I really became curious about design. Now here I am today, ready to hand over my sketches for worldwide preview."

Tucker had previous success previewing a line of women's evening wear with A Shoe In Fashion two years ago. The products produced by Tucker are produced first in small scale sample version out of Tucker's workshop in Williamsburg, NY. After the samples are produced the manufacturing is done in large scale throughout the US with various companies.

"For this new project, I wanted to do something I had never done before," says Tucker. "I had some ideas for jeans in my notebooks from years ago, but nothing serious. So when I was approached by a denim manufacturing company with interest in my work, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for something new."

The new low-cost denim jean line from Scott Tucker will be available this Fall.

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