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Scott Tucker Releases New Smart Bracelet

Gadgets Made Simple gets first look at Scott Tucker's Life Bracelet, the newest product from electronics company, Tucker Electronics.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2015 --Gadgets made simple, the website famous for explaining complex gadgets to regular people, will publish the first pictures of Life Bracelet, Scott Tucker's newest invention. The Life Bracelet is a wearable gadget that primarily monitors heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels.

"Through the bracelet's microchip technology, they have raised the bar in lifestyle improvement and luxury," says Bill Manson chief editor of Gadgets Made Simple. "We are so excited about Tucker Electronics decision in choosing us for the unveiling of the Life Bracelet. We've been trying it out ever since they sent us a test model, and there has been nothing but positive feedback."

The bracelet will be available in male, female, and unisex sizes with a large variety of color ways planned for the first edition bracelets. Waterproof and shock resistant technology has been implemented in the bracelet construction to encourage people of all lifestyles to wear the bracelet throughout the day.

"We came up the idea in one of our brainstorming sessions," says Sam Wilson, designer at Tucker Electronics. "Once all were in agreement on a product, it was almost like we finished each others sentences. We were just looking to make things easier for the consumer, this bracelet is something they don't ever really have to take off."

Tucker Electronics will use manufactures in the southwest to produce the first edition bracelets. The company is presently working on second edition designs to be released in 2016 in different bracelet styles and weights.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is owner of Tucker Electronics, a company based out of Phoenix, AZ creating groundbreaking technology for over 15 years. He repairs and services most electronic devices. He has had several successes with his own products over the recent years.

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