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New Bicycle Wheel Invented by Entrepreneur Scott Tucker

Inventor and entrepreneur Scott Tucker will debut his new prototype bicycle wheel. A Review of the new wheel will be posted on the Gadgets Made Simple website after the summer 2016 release.


Cleveland, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2015 --Gadgets Made Simple, a website for deconstructing hi-tech gadgets, will feature the debut of a new invention by entrepreneur Scott Tucker. The new bicycle wheel prototype will be released to the public next summer.

"It is very interesting to hear that someone would reinvent the wheel, we are very excited to see Scott Tucker's prototype," says, Bret Newberry of Gadgets Made Simple. "I'm an avid cyclist myself, and when I heard about these new lighter wheels and rims by Mr. Tucker I was ecstatic. I think our readers will really love the debut and we look forward to next summer for the release."

The new wheel, which has a light weight synthetic rubber material different from standard bicycle wheels, is made to look like bicycle wheels from the 40's. It is used on standard daily use city style road bikes.

"I have been cycling and inventing for as long as I can remember," says Tucker. "As a child I was always coming up with new ways of doing things and putting things together. I added extra gears to my bike and invented different attachments, always trying to have the coolest, fastest bike on my block."

The cost of Tucker's new wheel has not been revealed publicly, but the product will be for sale next summer. Safety testing is underway while manufacturing is building a supply for the products release.

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