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Scott Tucker Premiers Music Video from Upcoming Album

Scott Tucker’s latest album will be released early next month. The first music video from the album will premier exclusively on Music Lovers Blog.


South Bend, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2015 --In their upcoming article Music Lovers Blog will feature Scott Tucker's latest album, 'Wind and Whispers.' The album's title track music video can be viewed exclusively on the Music Lovers Blog site. This is Tucker's first self-produced music video.

"Working with Tucker on this has been a great opportunity," says Jim Richards of Music Lovers Blog. "We have worked with newer artists before, but have never experienced the respect and humility we received with this project. We want the video release to raise interest so it will be shown two weeks before the album release. We also wanted to make sure everything was cleared with the label and Tucker's team before sending anything out there."

The video will feature Tucker himself along with friends and family. Using CGI effects as well as green screen integration the project is on par with the current full budget music video standards. The video is just over three minutes and is the albums title track.

"Without Stan my director, and Music Lovers Blog, this never would have happened," says Tucker. "Being able to seamlessly get what was in my head onto the screen via Stan and have a hassle free media outlet via Music Lovers Blog was just a godsend. I learned an immense amount of information from both of them and I can only hope the rest of my career is like this."

Tucker's first music video from his upcoming album will stream on Music Lovers Blog next month.

About Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker is a retired truck driver turned amateur musician. He has played guitar and written his own material for many years, just recently putting together his first album. Tucker lives in Dayton, OH with his wife Heather.

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