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Scott Tucker Creates New Cat Food Line

Cat enthusiast Scott Tucker will release a paleo-style line of cat food that is safe for adult cats to eat at home. Home and Recreation to feature the line, photos of the project, and show users videos of cats enjoying the new food.


Waco, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2015 --Home and Recreation, a website for everything wholesome and home related, will show a trailer of Scott Tucker's "Smart Fit Cat" cat food line on their site. The paleo-style food will hit markets this summer.

"There is no reason to feed yourself well and to give your cat normal awful cat food," says Home and Recreation writer Jeremy Wren. "The average cat owner is probably trying to watch their weight and eat pretty healthy most days, why shouldn't cats. Scott Tucker is trying to break the barrier of how people treat their cats."

The cat food line, which is made from various organ and muscle meats from kosher processed animals, is made in a way similar to human paleo food. It is manufactured in Austin, TX by a team of chefs selected by Tucker.

"I love eating healthy, it feels good to know my cats can do it now too," says Tucker. "My team has been great in executing the ideas I had for this cat food line. The production process is underway after my cats finalized the tasting process last week. There are going to be three different meat and herb combinations available for purchase soon."

The new cat food line will be available in the Austin area for the fist three months of it's release. Greater availability will depend on the success of the initial product release, the product could be available nation wide in two years.

Home and Recreation will publish photos of the project before the summer release with videos of Tucker's cats testing the paleo-style products.

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